COVID-19 impact | Jewellery fabricators to slowly reopen but the damage has been severe

Many jewellery fabricators globally remain closed due to the government-mandated lockdowns to contain the spread of COVID-19. The cost to the industry has been immense, not just in production losses, but to the tens of thousands of employees in the industry. In Q1 this year, we estimated that jewellery fabrication slumped 40 percent on a year […]


Coronavirus Impact on Search Marketing

Human lives are the paramount concern regarding the topic of coronavirus. Yet it is prudent to consider the impact it may have, including the economic one. While the depth of the impact is hard to predict, there are indications there may be a ripple effect should the current trends continue. Shop From Home Trend There […]


The likely impact of Personal Data Protection bill on marketing and social media platforms

The government’s proposed legal framework known as Personal Data Protection Bill for the use of personal data and preventing its misuse — which has been drafted on the lines of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) — is likely to impact sectors such as e-commerce, streaming platforms, financial services, IT among others. The […]


This 27-year-old’s startup is merging design education with practical skills to create social impact in Indian villages

Back in 2014, when Vinay Varanasi was in his fifth year of architecture at MS Ramiah Institute of Technology, Bengaluru, he got an opportunity to work with a professional architect. As part of his internship, Vinay was asked to work on and carry along some drawings while meeting contractors for deals, with his mentor assuming […]