Best Career Choices in the Field of Medicine

With the news of rising opportunities in the healthcare sector, many people are considering it as a potential career option. It is out of the question that in the coming ten years, people won’t be seeing a general practitioner. The need for healthcare is growing, so are the career opportunities in this field. Even though […]


LeVert starts, ties career best with 29 as Nets beat Suns

NEW YORK (AP) — With Kyrie Irving sidelined, Caris LeVert picked the perfect time to deliver his best game of the season. LeVert tied his career high with 29 points in his first start in nearly three months, helping the Brooklyn Nets overcome the absence of their leading scorer to beat the Phoenix Suns 119-97 […]


India should look abroad for best career guidance practices

Incorporating the established “Western” best practices in the career counseling domain in India is propitious. Varied measures are and have been taken that pave the way for self-discovery by the candidates through career counseling. The case in India, however, is different – given the magnanimity of the demographic dividend, the current state of counselor-trainer strength […]


This Is The Best Career Move You Can Make To Achieve Success

The workforce can sometimes feel like a dog-eat-dog world where winners win, losers lose, and everyone else is left by the road feeling disillusioned, disengaged or, otherwise, simply dissed. Still, you know you need to press whatever advantage you have against the competition, against the status quo and against indifference. If you are reading this, […]


Game Over movie review: Taapsee Pannu tries her best in this slasher film with three climaxes

Game Over movie review: This one could have easily been a smart film but it is not. Game Over Director: Ashwin Saravanan Cast: Taapsee Pannu, Parvathi T Rating: 2.5 I didn’t walk into Game Over expecting a Red Dead Redemption II poster in the heroine’s bedroom. The 2018 game is a moral struggle set around the fading of […]