Play schools yet to be regulated amid pending registration process

Play schools,registration process
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In March this year, Takyar had filed an RTI application seeking information about the number of playschools in the district and was informed by the district programme office that not a single playschool in the district was registered. Following the RTI response, he filed a complaint on March 27 at the CM window (grievance redressal mechanism), stating that none of the play schools were registered and demanded action.

Sunaina Khatri, district program officer, WCD, said that the department had written back to the head office explaining its position and seeking clarifications on the registration process. “We have written to the head office regarding clarifications in the registration process due to which all the registrations of the play school in Gurugram are pending. Once the department responds to us with clear pointers, we will go ahead with the registration,” said Khatri. She added that application forms for registration had already been received from some play schools and were being scrutinized.

As per officials, around 400 playschools in the district had been identified, but the actual number could be much higher. Officials from the department said that personnel needed training and guidance before they could go ahead with the registration process.

“We have sought clarity from the head office regarding the registration process. We need to know how many pointers need to be fulfilled for a play school to be registered. If we go by the NCPCR guidelines, no school will get registered,” said a programme officer from the district department, who did not wish to be identified.

As of now, the state does not have it’s own set of guidelines for playschools. As per the NCPCR guidelines, no child below the age of three years can be admitted in play schools.