‘My vision is to make digital marketing affordable to all businesses, startups and entrepreneurs’

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Manjula Nair.(HT)

I come with 20 plus years of experience in the field of marketing and communication, public relations, digital marketing, account based marketing, sales enablement, corporate strategy and governance and corporate social responsibilities. I have worked with companies such as Amdocs, Satyam Computers, Sapient corporation, Hewlett Packard and Ogilvy & Mather. At the earlier part of my career, I worked with event management company called DNA networks and was part of large international concerts. At that point, I also took a sabbatical to work on a Hollywood movie as a production manager. In 2015, I won the Best Marketing professional award by the World Marketing congress.

How I began?

I started my entrepreneur journey after 20 years of corporate profession and at this point I was at the peak of my career. I had always thought of starting my own venture when I would be closer to the ripe age of 40 therefore it was time for me to take the leap. I thought I will do that what I do best, but will do it for the segment of companies that need it and have restrictions on budget to hire the teams in-house to do it. Therefore, I started as a company that works as out-sourced marketing team or an out sourced chief marketing officer along with marketing functions. The start was a good kick start my Linkedin announcement won me my initial business, there after I have been very active in startup communities and mentoring startups across the country that has been bring a lot of business leads to me. For setting up the company my husband helped me with angle funding and was generous to provide me his office space (located in the centre of Pune) to kick start my new venture.

My business today:

Today my marketing out- sourcing company is doing well with Indian and global clients. We have now ventured into more services within the space of marketing, public relations, digital marketing and communication, leadership profiling.

These three years also elevated me to think and grow into other verticals so we have started our own academy that trains youth, laterals, entrepreneurs, founders/ co founders to use effective marketing strategy and smart digital marketing to grow their business. We have started providing corporate trainings on the subject and also conduct many campus mentoring activities across all the leading colleges in Pune.

I have also become a micro funder for business and ideas that I have liked. One of it is to become a funding partner in the restaurant business, as food industry has always been close to me and I always desired to own a restaurant of my own. So this is the first step towards it, I have partnered to open a new outlet of Marrakesh restaurant. I will soon be one of the owner of the Marrakesh restaurant in Warje.

Hits and misses

Anything that I strategically planned has been a hit, as it was planned with a good vision and the team support. Misses are none to my recall.

My vision:

My vision is to make digital marketing more affordable to all small and medium businesses, startups and entrepreneurs. To create good success stories out of our clients, see them grow and expand.

Through the academy we intend to bring a revolution for everyone to learn digital marketing, we would love to have the courses in vernacular languages and spread all across small and big cites in India. Make it affordable for anyone to learn what & how they can leverage digital platform to grow professionally. The generation that is moving to senior citizen segment also learn and be at par with current times.