Mom Sells Jewellery for Flight, Son Makes India Proud by Bagging Gold In Japan

Life took a 360-degree turn for Prathap NM, a native of Karnataka’s Mandya district in December 2017 after his big win at the International Robotic Exhibition held in Japan. Then 18-years-old, the young boy had made a low-cost drone from electronic waste with an aim to provide relief in disaster-affected areas by capturing images and […]


Fitness wars: ‘Peloton’ of weightlifting enters at-home gym market

Tonal, a strength training machine that hangs on your wall like a flight screen TV, lets users weight train with up to 200 pounds of resistance without picking up a single metal weight. It’s the latest at-home fitness brand competing in the $2 billion exercise equipment market against the likes of Peloton and Mirror. PELOTON COMMERCIAL’S HUSBAND: I DON’T […]


Education Cannot Wait Interview with Rt. Hon. Gordon Brown

Jan 24 2020 – As the world marks the second International Day of Education on 24 January 2020, Education Cannot Wait’s Director, Yasmine Sherif, interviewed one of today’s most prominent and passionate advocates for the global movement to ensure education for all. In his role as UN Special Envoy for Global Education and as Chair of the […]


Five Simple Steps To Demonstrate The Full Value Of Marketing

I have two daughters under the age of ten, and I am trying to instill in them an appreciation for and understanding of the value of money. Every week our girls get an allowance, and we discuss where and how they want to use their money. We have often been pleasantly surprised at some of […]


India should look abroad for best career guidance practices

Incorporating the established “Western” best practices in the career counseling domain in India is propitious. Varied measures are and have been taken that pave the way for self-discovery by the candidates through career counseling. The case in India, however, is different – given the magnanimity of the demographic dividend, the current state of counselor-trainer strength […]


Save 98% off this 2020 Full Stack Digital Marketing Certification Bundle

What’s the deal? This deal consists of the following courses: Google Analytics for Beginners: A Step-by-Step Course Learn How to Track Marketing Metrics & Increase Traffic & Sales with Google Analytics Intro to Push Notification Marketing Promote Your Brand with this New & Affordable Form of Advertising—Push Notifications YouTube Advertising for Beginners Effectively Promote & […]


Your Data-Driven Marketing Is Harmful. I Should Know: I Ran Marketing at Google and Instagram

I didn’t know it at the time, but I was about to join my very last “performance calibration session.” This was late in 2018, when I was a managing director at Instagram, and these sessions had been a common part of my life — just like they are at many big companies. They’re a time for senior managers to discuss the […]


How To Prevent These 10 Mind Traps From Caging Your Career

Suppose you’re stuck in traffic, late for a meeting. You bang the steering
wheel and explode, “Damn traffic! Now, I’ll probably get fired!” You’ve just fallen into a mind trap. You’ve added a catastrophe with no evidence for it. Your thoughts about the traffic are causing distress, not the traffic. When you’re under stress, it’s easy […]


How to plan your career

Shivani Manchanda answers your career queries I am in Class X and thinking about what I want to be. Everyone I consult with tells me something totally different. I am very confused. Should I listen to my friends, my teacher or my parents? I feel tense when someone asks me my plans for the future. […]


The Evolution Of Digital Marketing To Video Marketing

When the digital marketing age first dawned, most companies started out their digitized efforts by focusing on things like building websites for their companies, learning how to use analytics, creating digital and social media ads, and figuring out how to rank in search engine results. Little by little, companies and marketers became more and more […]