Piling newspapers cost Delhi couple jewellery, antiques worth Rs 2 crore

A growing stack of unread newspapers lying at the entrance of the three-storeyed locked house in Greater Kailash-I was a telling sign that aided a burglary worth over Rs 2 crore ten days ago. On December 26, police arrested four people, including a woman, for allegedly taking off with brass and copper antique showpieces, gold […]


The likely impact of Personal Data Protection bill on marketing and social media platforms

The government’s proposed legal framework known as Personal Data Protection Bill for the use of personal data and preventing its misuse — which has been drafted on the lines of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) — is likely to impact sectors such as e-commerce, streaming platforms, financial services, IT among others. The […]


The 30 Under 30 Reshaping Marketing And Advertising 2020

Fooji started as a bit of a joke, explains Erik Zamudio of the company he cofounded with Gregg Morton in Cincinnati while helping Morton build a separate startup. “In the office we would always run into issues deciding what we wanted to eat for lunch.” They thought, wouldn’t it be cool to tweet out a […]